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About us

Positive financial habits are essential to living independently.


For a young person in the most vulnerable circumstances this can be as simple as knowing how to budget for a weekly shop and as crucial as paying rent to avoid eviction.


Those with disabilities face a ‘double disadvantage’ when it comes to managing their money, accessing financial services and exercising their rights. Demands for Special Educational Needs funding for the UK’s 96,000 visually impaired and 48,000 Deaf children is outstripping supply. There has also been no specialist financial education for these cohorts. Until now.


Our dream was to equip 11-25 year olds living with sight or hearing impairments with the money management and employability skills to take control and make informed decisions, helping to reduce dependency and improve life opportunities.


The support of players of People’s Postcode Lottery has made the dream real.


Charities, specialists and young people joined forces to create Money Mechanics. A series of workshops, training and free resources to teach young people how to budget, bank and borrow safely, run their own enterprise, understand the cost of university and access services in their first language.

After a successful delivery stage Money Mechanics is now in its legacy phase and information on how you can get involved with the Deaf and SI programmes can be found below:


Sight Impaired & Severely Sight Impaired Resources

Deaf Resources

Our Programmes

Specialists and young people have created a range of programmes, training and free resources to teach young people with sensory impairments how to budget, bank and borrow safely, run their own enterprise, understand the cost of university and access services in their first language.

Over 13 months MyBnk and the Royal Association of Deaf people (RAD) delivered the Money Mechanics suite to over 500 young people to test and refine the programme offering – you can see how we created Money Mechanics and its outcomes in our Impact Report.

Using MyBnk’s tried and tested programmes as a base we created three distinct interventions to build financial capability, provide a practical enterprise experience and prepare students for university. These were adapted to be accessible and refined with young people.

Sessions for young Deaf people are delivered by RAD – to book please contact info@royaldeaf.org.uk.


Training for sight impaired delivery is provided by MyBnk in financial knowledge, making financial capability fun and engaging, understanding resources and the opportunity to see sessions in action – to book please contact info@mybnk.org.


Programme topics below may vary per cohort.

  • Tax and the Bigger Picture.

  • Needs vs Wants.

  • Compare the types of accounts.

  • Savings and Investments.

  • Borrowing.

  •  Online Scams and safety.

  • Minimum Wage.

  • Identifying bank notes & coins.

  • Accessible Pay slips.

  • Shopping Challenge identifying the best deals.

  • VI Features of UK banknotes.

  • Where does money come from?

  • What is money?

  • Risk factors.

  • Access to work.

  • Fraud & Gambling.

  • Careers.

  • Budgets.

  • Tax & National Insurance.

  • Calculating income tax.

  • Pensions & Auto enrolment.

Money Smart - A financial education programme aimed at 11-25 year olds focusing on public and personal finance.

  • Social Enterprise

  • Skills & Team building.

  • Roles & Responsibilities.

  • Sales Strategy.

  • Price & Profit.

  • Sales Pitch Preparation.

  • Sales Pitch Presentations.

  • Group Presentations.

  • Skills Mapping.

  • Using your skills.

  • Employability skills.

  • Enterprise skills.

Business-in-a-Box - An enterprise education programme aimed at 11-25 year olds. Focuses on employability and soft skills. Participants gain a practical experience of running their own social enterprise by learning how to sell exclusive ethical products in their community.

Student Dosh - A financial education programme aimed at 16+ year olds. Focuses on student finance and independent living costs.

Money In: Student finance and repayment, part-time jobs and tax, bursaries, grants and scholarships.

•  Money Out: University start-up shopping challenge, university lifestyle budget, average student costs.

•  My Bank Balance: Student bank accounts, overdrafts, forms of payment, statements, debit and credit cards.

•  Your Money: Real life stories, student vox-pop videos, action plan, Q & A, useful websites, tools and tips.

Deaf young people:


Sight Impaired:

Case Studies

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